Client Success Stories


My name is Andrew Morrow, I’m a multijurisdictional attorney who has been practicing for more than five years.


I worked with Brian for nearly two years and I enjoyed every day that I worked with him towards accomplishing our mutual goals.


Brian’s coaching, guidance, experience and insight helped me to be a better attorney with every issue I asked him for his thoughts on.


Brian’s broad experience meant that no matter what type of case or kind of issue I had, Brian at least knew what I should do to find out a solution.


Brian’s knowledge and experience also helped me with knowing how to handle unorthodox problems to make sure then when a case couldn’t be, or couldn’t best be, resolved inside the courtroom my client’s interests were always being served.


If you’re looking for someone to learn how to solve problems from, I can’t think of anyone I would rather talk through brainstorm a solution with than Brian.



— Andrew N. Morrow Esq.

I’ve known Brian for roughly three years now. When I first met him, I was amazed at the instant connection I felt with him.


He has the ability to make you completely at ease with things that might be outside your comfort zone and more importantly, he knows what he’s doing!


If you want a detailed workflow, or a generic workflow, he’s got you covered!


I’ve watched him maximize growth within specific limitations and he’s truly incredible.


I highly recommend him for anyone wanting to scale their business or even just get a better handle on their operations.



— Cassandra Sundblad Esq. Attorney Licensed in Michigan and Arizona

I am a litigation paralegal with over 15 years of experience, and I met Brian over three years ago when he interviewed and hired me for the role of paralegal.

From my first day working with Brian, my thoughts, questions, concerns, and needs were always listened to and addressed.


Brian helped grow the firm and the staff by implementing time and cost saving policies and procedures.


Brian developed a workflow, that upon implementation, boosted income and earning potential for the firm’s attorneys and staff.


I would welcome an opportunity to work in another law firm with Brian and cannot recommend his services enough.


If your cases are lagging in your workflow and production has declined, let Brian help you identify and remedy these issues that drain every law firm’s revenue and keep them from reaching their full potential.



— Carolyn Button Senior Litigation Paralegal

Fractional COO: Completed Projects for Grand Canyon Law Group that were sitting for over a year!


Intake Conversion Rates


Intake (despite using Lawmatics due to mislabeled leads and inaccurate data entry) couldn’t measure or quantify conversion rates to gauge the success rate of personnel, programs, marketing channels, etc.


– OSC  built customized tracking for all data coming into the practice to measure each intake/salesperson’s personal performance along with marketing channel performance including conversion rates across the practice to include payments/collections.


Case Management Systems

OSC met with staff, including attorneys, to discuss the importance of case documentation and the loss of data in time intervals as low as 24 hours. There was also a lack of clarity to measure their performance to ensure they could meet the new metrics we instituted. I customized everyone’s performance profiles in the case management software, so they had a real time view of daily, weekly, monthly, and annual performance to ensure metrics were met. As a result, documentation was entered daily and performance across the practice was vastly improved along with revenues.


Culture and Work Life Balance

Employees (after a culture audit) were found to be unhappy that some employees could work remotely while others had to be in the office 5 days per week. Once I explained to the partners that productivity wouldn’t drop as long as we were recruiting the right personnel, we agreed that we could transition to a hybrid model to improve the work life balance and retention longevity of good staff members. I met with IT to create a road map of how to transition employees to hybrid remote work capability, so we didn’t lose production if there was power loss, pandemic resurgence, etc.


Compliance, Consistency, Training Systems, and Policies

We completed and implemented 43 new procedures for the practice in less than one month and began training the staff weekly on the new procedures for immediate implementation and accountability beginning in 2024.
Developed similar operating procedures for criminal appeals to scale this division of the business.


Financial Clean Up Project

OSC worked with their bookkeeper to verify what outstanding AR was accurate to clean up over $2M of unaccounted or mislabeled revenue. Within the first month we had resolved most of the inaccurate information and augmented the P and L to reflect more accurate revenue and expenses.


Expansion Plans

The partners originally wanted to consolidate offices into one large downtown location. Once I finished my due diligence with marketability impact, cost analysis, cultural impact due to some people having a longer commute, special challenges, I showed them a viable prime building downtown from an investment firm in my network and the cost. I then advised that because of the cost and negative impact on marketing, culture, etc. it would be best to open another location. Once we all agreed I began the feasibility study for those municipalities/zip codes for their practice area to choose a location for future scaling and growth. While doing this I also found a commercial investment property in a prime area of expansion to help augment our personal real estate holding portfolios.


Recruitment & Management Mentoring

OSC helped recruit an experienced paralegal for the appeal department, 4 new law clerks, train the new attorneys on best practices, and mentor the Head of Appeals Attorney on leadership while also getting her involved in more of the day-to-day operations of her new department for more effective management and understanding of employee behaviors, metrics, and analytics. I also mentored the Office Manager & attorney partners on various items including HR, employee relations, business strategy, scaling and commercial investment, diversification practice areas, liabilities and legal compliance, to operations, corporate culture, etc.



— Grand Canyon Law Group

Brian helped us stabilize and grow our law firm beyond my expectations!


We were able to create and implement financials, analytics, and operational systems that don’t exist in the field of law.


We doubled our revenues using Brian’s systems and advice and he was there every step of the way to ensure execution was seamless and we achieved consistency for future scalability.


I would absolutely recommend Omega Strategic Consulting for your law firm!


— Timothy F. Coons – Counxel Legal Firm Founder and CEO


Brian Benavides with Omega Strategic Consulting has a vast and specific background in fostering just this type of behavioral goals within any type of organization.


His innate sense of corporate culture and his ability to lean in and understand the vibe pulsing through all organizations gives him a leg up in this very important corporate need.


His knowledge of managing departmentalization and understanding the precise needs of the company whether it is HR or Operations makes him stand out in this very intangible environment.


Working with behavioral science and the latest technical assets, he surgically will move into a company environment and with collaboration, positive reinforcement, and goal setting, he will create a precise mix of management, at a metric and emotional level to drive results only thought of before.


I highly recommend Brian for any Culture and Operations driven project.

—  George Saldana – COO Mister Sparky San Antonio Inc


We consulted with a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise to recruit a general manager from a $25 Million competitor while serving in an interim General Manager role.


We were also able to decrease overhead from the organization while concurrently recruiting better quality technicians who had stronger behavioral attributes to adhere to the Direct Energy systems more effectively.


We additionally, grew the company by adding more service vehicles with the included diversification of a drain cleaning and heating division for the organization.


These changes alone structured the organization to be a projected $5.2 Million in annual revenue from $2.5 Million.

—  Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Conneticut


We contracted with a medical practice saving it from potential imminent bankruptcy in 2014.


We were able to transform the practice in the first year and grew it to year over year profits of over 20%.


We were also able to completely change the toxic corporate culture to a collaborative, positive corporate culture.


In the first year we were able to help the principal shareholders experience net profits of more than 30% from past years.

—  Stone Oak Women’s Center P.A.


Our team was able to transform a failing surgical practice into a large profitable organization of over $2.4 million in annual revenues per year.


In addition, as a result of our consulting this surgeon is now the one the highest volume in patient satisfaction and quality in his field within the State of Texas and the nation among his peers.

—  San Antonio Specialty Surgical Practice P.A.


My wife and I own the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning franchises in Montrose Colorado.


We were looking for a little help outside of what the franchisor was willing or able to offer.


Specifically better recruiting techniques, one on one business evaluation and help, and help in preparing my organization for the move to a new general manager.


We found this help in Omega Strategic Consulting.


I would recommend Brian to any of my franchise partners as he can help you in a multitude of different aspects of your day to day operations or strategic planning for the future.


He comes from a fellow brand member and knows our systems well enough to help your team immediately for whatever you hire him for.
His personality allows him to come into your office and interact with your team immediately and get to work without major disruption or issues with your team.

—  Eli Power, Owner – Benjamin Franklin Plumbing & One Hour Heating & Air – Montrose CO


I have known Mr. Benavides for approximately 8 months.


He was the Operations Manager for a very busy private pediatric practice where I was also employed.


I found his management style to be effective and unequivocally above par.


His love for business shined as he always strived to consider the customer’s needs first.


His relationship with the employees he oversaw was always one of open and honest communication.


He was an eager learner; often asking for the medical reasoning behind a decision in order to help customers understand a decision that was made by a medical provider.


I highly recommend him for any position he seeks, as he obviously has a gift for business and management.


Please feel free to contact me at your convenience if you have any questions or would like to speak with me.

—  Cathy Hendriks, RN, MSN – Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner


We have known Brian for several years now since we first engaged with him while he was the contracted consultant at a women’s health facility in San Antonio.


Brian is smart, dedicated, and works hard to fulfill his employer’s or client’s needs.


He will work in every way to ensure that whatever problem or issue is being addressed will be done so in a manner that is ethical and to the greatest benefit of his clients.

—  Linda & Bill Tumbleson, President & VP at EMBER Medical Billing, Inc.


It is with great pleasure and pride that I recommend Brian Benavides for the position of CEO with your organization.


For many years, Brian has been an exceptional consultant for our three brands and his performance was exceptional.


He has always been extremely driven in changing business owner’s lives for the better and has not only been successful in his endeavors, but is truly passionate about his work.


This is precisely the reason I write you this letter with nothing but admiration for Brian and his uncanny abilities to help transform organization and corporate cultures.


Brian’s management style is extremely accessible and he is a very hands-on administrator.


He has all of the traits you would need in a CEO, especially as your organization looks to expand into new business lines and ancillary services.


Brian is fearless in his business approach and his instincts and strategies are impeccable.


Every franchisee and corporate executive under the Direct Energy umbrella has nothing but respect and admiration for Brian.


He helped to turn multiple small organizations into an industry juggernauts and he managed to do it while still maintaining strong relationships even amongst his opposition in the industry.


Brian would be an excellent CEO for your company and he would bring your organization nothing but success along with a supportive, team oriented corporate culture.


—  Traci Fournier – Interim CEO – Direct Energy


Brian is a cut-to-the chase kind of guy who gauges his own success on how well he has helped someone else achieve theirs.


He’s a quick study when it comes to looking at the structure of a business and digs into what it needs to improve, then organizes a plan to move in the right direction.


He then effectively and efficiently does it!


He also provides the bigger picture feedback we all need, as business owners, when we get caught up in the day to day monotony of running a business and can’t see the forest for the trees.


In short, he does what consultants are supposed to do!

—  Stan Kincannon – Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Lakeport, CA