The Omega Strategic Consulting Team

Brian D. Benavides is the President & Founder of Omega Strategic Consulting.

Omega Strategic Consulting has been helping business’ nationally since 2009.

As an experienced consultant and reengineering artist, his mission and passion are to help organizations stabilize, scale, & grow through innovation, operational improvements, management coaching and mentorship, strategic planning & execution, technology leveraging, process improvement, positive corporate culture coaching & transformation, sales training, diversification projects, and effective recruitment.

Brian is a business owner himself with his consulting firm, a commercial real estate holding company, a software/CRM holding company he helped build since there isn’t an effective one on the open market, an exclusive law firm referral group, and other companies poised for launch like a small M & A firm.

Brian has served in senior management and executive level positions while helping to build companies to exceed historic goals and set new organizational benchmarks through an accomplished career in law enforcement, business operations, law firm partnership, personal business ownership, strategic investments, and healthcare.



Omega Strategic Consulting has always challenged the status quo and continues to develop new programs based on human behavior and positive, collaborative corporate culture which has been extremely successful at transforming organizations dramatically with quantifiable results.

As an additional benefit to OSC’s client base, Brian has developed an innovative role as a part-time executive to provide multiple organizations access to his limitless arsenal of expertise, at an affordable rate, which is specifically customized to each organization.

Brian D. Benavides – President
Omega Strategic Consulting

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