What we do

  • Support law firms,
  • healthcare organizations, and trades organizations nationally with operational consulting,
  • strategic planning AND EXECUTION,
  • best practices,
  • compliance,
  • billing and collection practices,
  • recruitment & retention,
  • metrics, analytics, technology implementation & utilization,
  • production goals,
  • attorney compensation models and contracts,
  • financial analysis and improvement,
  • staff and management development,
  • corporate culture, and scalability (after stabilization of the practice is achieved), which can be internal, external (firm strategic alignments or acquisitions),
  • financial management, etc.

Law Firm, Healthcare Companies, and Large Trade Franchise Projects:

Law Firm Strategic Planning and Execution: Stabilization of firm, implementation of best practices and effective strategies, staff coaching, and scalability projects from internal growth to external acquisitions.

Law Firm Turn Around Projects:
Doubled the size of a small law firm in less than a year. Increased profit margin to over 40% by development of robust/customizable technology, collection practices, operational systems, procedures, and policies, as well as effective staff/infrastructure.

Consulted on a 5M law firm to improve operations, corporate culture, compliance, and execute lingering projects. Operational projects were lingering for more than a year were completed within one month of my Fractional COO engagement.

Compliance Project:
Under one Fractional COO engagement, I advised the firm that there were extremely vulnerable after I discovered they do not execute conflict checking upon intake/sales. I immediately called an all-attorney meeting to explain the “how” and “why” they needed to complete their documentation on client files timely which improved for monthly entries to daily and the importance of compliance intervention.

Law Firm Fractional Executive Leadership Roles

Business Analytics, Metrics, Benchmarking, and Innovative Quantifiable Measurements of Business Performance

Healthcare Operations Assessment and Improvement Projects Nationally

Mergers & Acquisitions in trades franchises, healthcare, and law practices in the US

Business/Partnership Contracts, Strategic Alignments, Acquisitions, Hospital Contracts, Physician Contracts, and other Contract Negotiations

Stabilizing, Growth, & Scaling Projects for Small and Medium Sized Businesses All Over The US

Business Turnaround, Operational Reengineering, & Portfolio Improvement Projects for private equity firms and other investment organizations

Exit Strategy, Succession & Contingency Planning in Various Industries

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management & Interim Leadership Roles (Administration/Operations)