Healthcare operations analysis and improvement (some have experienced gains in excess of 200% gross revenue increases after projects in healthcare while service companies have gained an average of $400,000 after 3 months)

Healthcare turn around projects (reengineered two medical organizations to keep them from bankruptcy and grew the organization by over 24% in net revenues, over head down from 74% to 54%, diversified service lines, and secured hospital directorships for the shareholders while forging other strategic alliances with other specialties and subspecialties)

Revenue stream diversification (telephonic trouble shoot programs for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC companies, surge protection and other complimentary product selection and integration, sonography, various other less invasive medical diagnostics and procedures)

Innovative strategic planning with diversified execution outcomes for forecasting and operational growth planning

Business operations and performance improvement projects
(there are always creative ways to do more with less and integrate better efficiencies to make organizations more effective without the traditional cutting overhead by firing people)

Positive corporate culture projects (create collaborative, cohesive teams with emotional ownership of their duties, consumer/patient satisfaction, policy and change, and the organization and culture)

Management coaching (coach the management staff on organizational and employee behavior, motivation, dominant behavioral types and how to deal with them, outcomes and expectations in how these things effect operations)

Interim and part time executive management roles (help organizations in transition, identification of a permanent replacement, help with stabilization and minimizing a negative ripple effect)

Strategic alliance planning (targeting and negotiating to build a network for referrals, acquisitions, etc.)

Contract and vendor negotiations 

Exit strategy, business retirement preparation, and contingency planning


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