Management Consulting, Coaching, & Mentoring

Management Consulting, Coaching, & Mentoring


We coach executives and management staff in human behavior, organizational behavior, and motivators for employees to help them understand why people do what they do and make them more effective in their position.

This also increases communication and makes it more effective.

I will also take an active role in advising them in situations, counseling’s and employee assessments or feedback sessions regarding job performance.

I also assist in bridging the gap between the highest executive staff an information or policy changes or anything affecting the management staff whom I am entering.

This helps them gain the understanding or “the why” to further explain the perspectives behind changes, communications, or new policies.

This also assures and controls any confrontation and gives the management a resource as a mediator should they need it in these instances to help again bridge the gap between the highest executives or the owners and any management infrastructure whom I’m working with.


Brian D. Benavides – President
Omega Strategic Consulting

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